Our Team

Our staff at North Star are experienced in the important job of caring for young people, and we recognize cultural and Alaskan diversity when working with children and teens. Our specially trained staff works with children and teens recognizing cultural and Alaskan diversity. Our dedication is demonstrated every day as we help young people and families deal with difficult problems. Our commitment shows in the professional guidance, counseling and support for children, and caring responsiveness that we offer to parents and families.

North Star is one of the largest behavioral health systems in Alaska specializing solely in treating children and families. Our staff members have chosen to work here because they are exceptional people with extraordinary dedication. Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurses, clinicians, mental health specialists, dieticians, activity therapists, certified recreational therapists, and ANPs who have professional certifications and outstanding skills in working with children and families. We believe our work is the most important work that we can do. The team approach and family atmosphere at North Star reinforce our staff’s commitment to our work — which makes a difference for the future of our communities.