Does someone you know need help with mental health or addiction issues? Don’t know how to handle his or her behavior? Now is the time to talk with a specialist.

Call North Star 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get help in a crisis or to talk about options. A NO COST mental health assessment is available. Call 907-258-7575 or toll-free at 800-478-7575 anywhere in Alaska … day or night. You’ll be connected to a professional who will help you sort through the situation and provide information on what to do.

There are many other resources throughout the state or in the lower 48. In your community, the resource may be a hospital or community mental health center that can help in emergencies or if you need more information.

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Visit our Mental Health Resources section for a list of emergency contacts and other sources of support.Find out more

Good Samaritan Psychiatric Services Records Request

If you would like to request your medical records:
Phone: 907-264-3595
Fax: 907-264-3515